High Impact Bed

BRELKO Hi-Impact Conveyor System

“BRELKO Releases updated Hi-Impact beds Australia wide”

BRELKO has just released their updated Hi-Impact bed model down under, the clever research and development team from Johannesburg, South Africa have been busy over the past few years, not just with new and innovative ways of keeping your conveyor belt clean, but also with improvements and refinements to existing products and manufacturing techniques.

During my visit to BRELKO’s headquarters and manufacturing facility in Johannesburg, South Africa, the company’s Managing Director (Kenny Padayachee) stated “Here at BRELKO, we take great pride in our work and we are always looking for ways to improve our safety, our products, and our work environment”, this shows even on the smallest levels across their product range, just a few small changes in design or manufacturing techniques can have a huge impact on performance and reliability.

The BRELKO Hi-Impact beds have been tested in some of the toughest conditions throughout Africa, America and Australia, and have a good reputation for reliability and ease of use. Clients will usually have these impact beds installed as they assist in increasing equipment up time and reduce the likelihood of damage to the conveyor belts top cover, they are renowned for being incredibly durable and can take punishment from the hardest of rocks, but after many years of the initial release, BRELKO have seen the opportunity to improve the product more. The engineers in the R&D department have redesigned several of the structural supports and improved the manufacturing process using high precision laser and machining techniques along with a radically new impact roller that is bound to take the market by storm.

The new impact bed key features:

  • Fewer overall parts
  • Faster assembly time
  • Increased structural strength and reliability
  • Lighter and stronger roller design
  • Extra durable dynamically balanced double torsion suspension

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