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E505 Angle Plough

Brelko E505 Angle Plough


  • The E505 Angle Plough is used as an alternative to the E405 V-Plough when the material scraped off the inner belt
    surface can only be discharged to one side of the belt.
  • For use on reversible belts.
  • Unique track mounted scraping blade facilitates very easy and quick blade change.
  • Parallel dual-link mounting allows the plough to move freely thus maintaining constant contact with the belt.
  • Specially formulated PU blades ensure maximum blade life and minimum belt wear.
  • Unique bolted assembly results in compact packaging for easy transport and installation.
  • Can be mounted on the top, bottom or inside of the stringers.
  • Universal swivel mounting allows the plough to be set to scrape to either side of the belt.

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