Australian Made Conveyor Pulleys

Pulleys are integral components in conveyor systems, designed to facilitate the smooth operation and handling of bulk materials. Oreflow are capable of designing and fabricating pulleys right here in Western Australia – Built to your exact specifications in an efficient time frame.

They are available with plain rubber lagging, diamond groove lagging (in sheet & strip format) and ceramic lagging. Bearing Housings c/w FAG bearings, adapter sleeves, taconite seals and fixings are fitted for maximum protection. Lastly, our Head pulley’s can also be driven by Rossi shaft-mounted gear boxes c/w motors, cooling fans & guards.

Types of Conveyor Pulleys


These are located at the discharge end of the conveyor. They play a critical role in driving the conveyor belt and handling the transfer of material from the conveyor to another system. Typically, head pulleys are coated or designed with a high-friction surface to enhance grip on the conveyor belt.


Positioned at the loading end of the conveyor, tail pulleys work as return pulleys for the conveyor belt. They can be simple in design or be equipped with cleaning devices to remove residue from the belt. Tail pulleys also assist in maintaining the correct tension in the conveyor belt.


These pulleys are used to control the tension of the conveyor belt, ensuring it operates smoothly without slipping or sagging. They can be adjusted to maintain the desired tension as the belt undergoes stretching and wearing over time. Take-up pulleys are essential for the long-term performance and maintenance of the conveyor system.


Bend pulleys are used to change the direction of the belt in a conveyor system. They support and guide the belt around curves and facilitate the smooth transition of the belt from the horizontal to inclined sections or vice versa. They play a crucial role in the versatility and adaptability of the conveyor system to different layouts.

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