Conveyor Pulleys

Conveyor pulleys are integral components of conveyor systems, designed to facilitate the smooth operation and handling of bulk materials. We design and fabricate these pulleys right here in Western Australia, known for our highly competitive pricing and lead times, with zero compromises on quality.

Conveyor Pulley Features

  • Australian Made

    Designed and fabricated in Western Australia, ensuring the best quality product.

  • Custom Design

    Each pulley is custom designed to your exact specifications.

  • Extensive Lagging Options

    An extensive range of lagging options are available to suit all applications (Plain rubber, diamond groove rubber, ceramic, polyurethane).

  • High Quality Bearings

    Every pulley is fitted with high quality bearing kits for optimal protection and performance.

Types of Conveyor Pulleys

The head pulley, also known as the drive pulley, plays a crucial role in conveyor belt systems. Here are the key uses of the drive pulley:

  1. Driving the Conveyor Belt: The primary use of the head pulley is to drive the conveyor belt. It is typically connected to a motor which provides the rotational force needed to move the belt and transport materials along the conveyor system.
  2. Providing Traction: The head pulley provides the necessary traction to the conveyor belt. The surface of the head pulley is often coated with a material like rubber (lagging) to increase friction and prevent the belt from slipping.
  3. Controlling Belt Speed: By adjusting the speed of the motor driving the pulley, the speed of the conveyor belt can be controlled. This is important for applications where different belt speeds are needed to match processing requirements.
  4. Direction Control: The head pulley determines the direction in which the conveyor belt moves. Reversing the rotation of the head pulley can reverse the direction of the conveyor belt.
  5. Maintaining Tension: The head pulley helps maintain the appropriate tension in the conveyor belt. Proper tension is critical for efficient operation and preventing issues like belt slippage or misalignment.
  6. Ensuring Smooth Operation: The head pulley ensures smooth and continuous operation of the conveyor system. A well-maintained drive pulley contributes to reduced wear and tear on the belt and other conveyor components.

Conveyor Pulley Refurbishment

We offer refurbishment services to rejuvenate your existing conveyor pulleys. Simply arrange for delivery of your pulley to our premises, and we will assess its condition and components. After the assessment, we will provide you with a detailed report outlining our recommended actions.

Level up Your Materials Handling Operations

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