Horizontal Linear Motion Dewatering Screens (HLMDS)

The Oreflow Horizontal Linear Motion Dewatering Screens (HLMDS) showcase advanced innovation in horizontal screening technology with a focus on simplicity in both installation and maintenance. Designed for efficiency, the HLMDS screens are perfect for applications such as small aperture screening, fines removal, de-sliming, de-watering, carbon recovery, and dense medium recovery.

Our HLMDS screens offer a versatile size range, spanning from the compact 610 mm by 915 mm model to the substantially larger 3050 mm by 7320 mm variant. Additionally, we provide tailor-made solutions, customizing dimensions to perfectly suit unique client specifications.

Key Features of our Horizontal Screens

  • Huck Bolted Screen Assembly

    This refers to the method of assembly for the screen, using Huck bolts for robust and durable construction.

  • Rubber-Lined Cross Beams

    The cross beams of the screen are lined with rubber, enhancing durability and reducing wear and tear.

  • Wear Liners

    These are available in either wear-resistant steel or steel-back rubber liners, offering flexibility in choice depending on the specific application and wear requirements.

  • Stress-Relieved Side Plates, Drive Beam, and Screen Deck

    This aspect ensures the screen assembly is durable and can withstand the stresses of operation.

  • Drive Mechanism

    The screens are driven by twin Uras out-of-balance motors, which are known for ease of installation and requiring minimal maintenance​​.

  • Optimal G-Force Range for Maximum Screening Efficiency

    Screens are designed and engineered to function effectively within a gravitational force range of 4-5.

    Operating within this specific G-force range is intended to optimize the efficiency of the screening process, ensuring effective separation and processing of materials while maintaining the equipment’s performance and longevity.

Product Journey Map

  • Design

    Our capital equipment team work closely with you to work out the specifications needed to meet the requirements of your application. Our in-house draftsman will take those calculations and turn them into drawings and Solidworks 3D models for approval.

  • Fabrication / Quality Control

    Once the drawings are approved, fabrication can begin. We are capable of in-house fabrication for smaller size screens and have built strong working relationships with a handful of trusted fabricators for larger sizes, ensuring the same Oreflow quality across the board.

    Oreflow works to AS/NZS. ISO 9001-2016 and management systems.

  • Installation

    Once the screen/s are completed, we also have the capabilities of providing our service team for the installation of the screen/s on site.

  • Replacement Parts

    We stock an extensive range of replacement parts in our warehouse to ensure you can rely on us to always keep your equipment running with minimal downtime.

  • Technical Support

    Our team is always available to provide after sales technical support to resolve any questions or to provide operating recommendations.

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