AirSweep® – Material Activation System

AirSweep material activation systems, available at Oreflow, are the ultimate solution to prevent and solve material hang-ups and blockages in bins, hoppers, chutes, and silos. These systems utilize powerful 360-degree bursts of compressed air or gas, effectively activating materials up to a 20cm diameter without causing vibration or stress. Designed for ease of use, AirSweep systems are installed and maintained externally, allowing for hassle-free operation. They are also versatile, easily retrofittable to any application, and can withstand temperatures up to 482°C.

The innovative design of AirSweep, featuring a patented valve with just one moving part, guarantees an immediate reseal after each pulse. This prevents material feedback and ensures a low-maintenance, efficient performance, making it an ideal choice for various industrial applications. Choose AirSweep for a reliable, maintenance-free solution to maintain consistent material flow in your operations.

Key Features

  • Advanced Material Activation Technology

    AirSweep systems utilize coordinated 360-degree bursts of compressed air or gas, effectively activating materials in a wide area without causing stress or vibration to your vessels. This technology ensures smooth material flow, preventing hang-ups and blockages in bins, hoppers, chutes, and silos.

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance

    Designed for convenience, These systems are installed and maintained from outside the bin, simplifying access and reducing downtime. This external setup allows for easy operation and maintenance, enhancing overall efficiency.

  • Versatile and Retrofittable Design

    Can be easily retrofitted to any existing setup, making them a flexible solution for a variety of applications. Their adaptable design ensures they can be integrated into different environments, even in high-temperature conditions up to 482°C.

  • Innovative Valve Design for Efficiency

    The patented valve design features only one moving part, ensuring an immediate reseal after each pulse. This unique feature prevents material feedback and delivers a virtually maintenance-free performance, saving time and resources in the long run.

  • Optimal Performance and Durability

    With its robust design and efficient operation, they provide a reliable and durable solution for maintaining consistent material flow. Their innovative technology and build quality make them an indispensable tool in various industrial settings.

Competitive Analysis: AirSweep Versus Traditional Flow-Aids

Dive into an in-depth competitive analysis of AirSweep™ against other flow-aid solutions in the market. Our detailed comparison documents, available for download as PDFs, offer a thorough examination of how AirSweep™ stands out in efficiency, design, maintenance, and overall performance. Understand the key differences and advantages of choosing AirSweep™ for your material handling needs, backed by data and real-world applications. Click on the buttons below to access each analysis and make an informed decision about the best flow-aid solution for your operations.

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