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E955 Premium Head Pulley Belt Cleaner

Brelko E955 Premium Head Pulley Belt Cleaner


  • As a Heavy Duty Head Pulley Scraper, working directly on the head pulley.
  • As a Head Pulley Scraper, when wet and sti cky materials are conveyed.
  • Can be installed where there is not enough space for other scrapers.
  • Suitable for all types of conveyor belts with vulcanized joints.
  • Adjustable Brelko torsion twist tensioners allow the scraper to maintain a constant pressure on the belt, are self
    adjusting and allow the scraper to deflect away from any obstruction, as a significant safety feature.
  • Pre-tensioned blades restrict forward movement and reduces belt contact pressure for optimised cleaning, and extends
    belt life.
  • Patented V-base torsion holder makes blade changing quick and simple.
  • Slide over blade mounting makes blade changing simple.
  • Multi -blade construction allows individual blades to deflect for minor obstructions and adapt to belt profile.
  • Streamlined scraper construction prevents material build-up on the scraper.

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