Magnetic Patch Liner

Magnetic Patch Liners: the Safest, Quickest, and Easiest Spillage Solution

Oreflow Australia is dedicated to distributing top quality mining tools, machines, and services to our clients. We take pride in supporting our clients with all their mining needs and concerns. We are the happiest and proudest when we effectively streamline tasks and operations for our clients.

 In line with our aim to provide the fastest, safest, and easiest solutions, we offer magnetic patch liners to our clients. Spillage is a common mining occupational emergency and we endeavor to provide a range of tools for foolproof solutions. Our magnetic patch liner is one and we are proud and ready to provide it to all our clients.

What is a magnetic patch liner?

A magnetic patch liner is the easiest, fastest, and safest solution to spillage. It is made of premium grade ceramic magnet covered in high wear SBR. Fully encased in high-grade styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) that is high-wear resistant and is top mining rubber, it can easily stop spillage in chutes, bins, tanks, and deflector plates. It comes with a convenient handle that makes positioning and removal effortless. Oreflow Australia makes it available in two sizes: MPL6.5 and MPL12.5.

MPL6.5 is the smaller variant of the two. It only weighs 3.8kg and is 165mm x 165 mm x 38 mm in size. MPL12.5 is the bigger variant that weighs 14.3 kg. It is 318 mm x 318 mm x 38 mm in size.

Magnetic Patch Liners are Safe

A magnetic patch liner is the safest spillage solution because it does not involve numerous manpower and complicated meticulous work. Spillage can be stopped by one person in an instant. Its convenient handle makes positioning and removal hassle-free. The process simply involves placing the magnetic patch liner over the hole. The spillage stops upon placement without causing any damage or injury to anyone. The operation remains safe for all.

Magnetic Patch Liners are Easy to Use

No special training is required to use magnetic patch liners. A person just needs to position it exactly where the spillage is by placing it to the hole and using its handle. No complicated steps need to be undertaken and no extra manpower is required. It is the easiest solution because it stops spillage the very moment it is positioned over the hole. This makes magnetic patch liners an essential mining tool because it can easily stop a small spillage from going big and causing an actual delay in operation. 

Magnetic Patch Liners Offer the Fastest Spillage Solution

Spillage can be stopped in an instant with magnetic patch liners. It starts doing its work the very moment it is positioned to patch a hole. Operations can continue with no lags and delays because placing one in a hole can be done in just a minute. If a magnetic patch liner is already within reach, spillage can even be stopped in just seconds. Upon placement, materials will remain intact and no spillage will take place.

With magnetic patch liners, production downtime from spillage will be a thing of the past. It is the safest, quickest, and easiest spillage solution. Magnetic patch liners allow for instant spillage fix anytime.